Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar
Andar Bahar is a quite simple game. There’s a deck of cards, and there’s a dealer. The dealer will begin by turn up a “Joker Card”. He or she then proceeds to turn up one card on each side of the Joker Card. One side of the Joker represends Andar (meaning left) and the other side is Bahar (meaning right). The first side to match the score of the Joker is the winner. All you have to do is bet on which side to win before the cards are dealt. There are also sidebets, but we’ll explain that later on in this guide.

Where to play Andar Bahar online:
Bollybet Live Casino & Slot Games
Bollybet Live Casino & Slot Games

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Dafabet Live Dealer Casino
Dafabet Live Dealer Casino

Goa Live casino hosted in Telugu!
Andar Bahar with Hindi speaking dealers.

Rules of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a game with simple rules. Bet on the winning side and if you win, you generally double your money.
  1. Make your decision on what side you are going to bet.
  2. Place your bet and the dealer will start the game by dealing cards until a new Joker card is dealt.
  3. If your bet wins, your automatically receive your winnings. The side that first draws the same card as the Joker Card wins.
  4. Make new bets to continue with the next game round.

Example Andar Bahar game

Joker card dealt 10
Player bet 10 💰
1. Andar card dealt 8 10 💰
2. Bahar card dealt 8 10 a 💰
3. Andar card dealt 8 q 10 a 💰
4. Bahar card dealt 8 q 10 a 10 💰
5. Player is paid💰💰
In the last round, the Bahar card being dealt was 10 and since it’s the same value as the Joker card 10 , Bahar wins and doubles his money.

Andar Bahar Bets & Payouts

The typical bet is just placed on the side you think will win, Andar (left) or Bahar (right). But there are usually also side bets available where you can bet on both Andar or Bahar winning after a certain number of cards have been dealt. Available side bets may differ a little depending on which online casino you play at and on which game provider is used. Here’s a table with common bets, their probability of winning and payouts:
1-5 cards dealt23.81%×3.5
6-10 cards dealt21.7%×4.5
11-15 cards dealt16.9%×5.5
16-25 cards dealt21.8%×4.5
26-30 cards dealt6.09%×15
31-35 cards dealt3.69%×25
36-40 cards dealt1.89%×50
After 41+ cards0.79%×120
The probability of a bet winning differs depending on how many cards have been dealt and there are some bets that are more likely to win than others. Andar is slightly more likely to win because it’s dealt first. On the other hand, the payouts are slightly higher for Bahar. In the example Andar Bahar game used earlier, a side bet on 1-5 cards with ×3.5 payout would also win. As you can see below, the Joker was matched by the 5th card.
4. Bahar card dealt 8 q 10 a 10

Andar Bahar Tips to Win

If you were hoping to beat the game and somehow get the probabilities on your side with card counting, you are out of luck. Counting cards only works for Blackjack, and only in certain land based casinos. The house retains a small edge at all times. But there are tips and tricks to use for a good strategy. Here we’ll mention some.

Martingale System

This is a betting system originally used in Roulette but can also be used in any other casino game with slight modifications. This strategy is best suited for betting either on Andar or Bahar, since it easiest to handle in games with a 50/50 win/lose probability. Martingale has two simple rules: • If you lose, double the amount you bet on next bet. • If you win, start over again and bet the same amount you bet the first time. As you might have already figured out, the Martingale system helps you win back any amount you have lost by placing larger and larger bets. Losing many times in a row is very unlikely, so by always recuperating your losses with bigger bets, you are more likely to win than to lose. But you need to know your budget. When you play with the Martingale system, you essentually make the probability of winning the longer you go, and you make the chance to lose all your money the bigger the bankroll you have. But even if small, there’s still a chance that you’ll lose everything in a an unlucky streak.

Andar Bahar Game Providers

Andar Bahar is a popular game and there are many game providers that provide slightly different versions of the game. Most of the time it’s just the bet sizes or probabilities that differ, but the game interfaces and live dealers can also make a big difference to your experience.

Super Spade Games (SPG)

SPG is dedicated to the Indian online casino market and was the first provider to offer Live Andar Bahar and bet sizes range from ₹50 to 2 lakhs: NC Andar Bahar – Normal Andar Bahar where you are playing a new bet every 30 seconds. Speed Andar Bahar – A faster version of NC with live dealers. The time between bets is only 15 seconds.
Andar Bahar Super Spade Games

Andar Bahar Super Spade Games


Ezugi is a high end game provider that provide a game they simply call “Andar Bahar”. In Ezugi’s game, bet sizes are between ₹50 and 1 lakh and there’s only a live version. Ezugi are employing beautiful dealers and for using great game tech. The interface of the game lets you choose English or Hindi as language. The Ezugi version can be played at online casino sites like LeoVegas that originally started out in Europe, sbut also at Indian casino sites such as Jungleraja.
Ezugi Andar Bahar

Ezugi Andar Bahar Live Casino game

X-Pro Gaming (XPG)

XPG provide Andar Bahar with beautiful live dealers. Betting amounts start at ₹50 to ₹10,000. At the time of writing, there are not many internet casino sites in India that uses XPG software.


OneTouch focus on 2D and 3D casino games. Their game is played against a computer RNG and has great graphics. The only places where you can play with Andar Bahar for real money with OneTouch are Betwinner and 1xBet.
OneTouch Andar Bahar

OneTouch Andar Bahar Mobile Version

Where to Play Andar Bahar in India:

How To Find the Best Bonuses in India

A great way to try playing Online Andar Bahar is signing up at an online casino site and taking odvantage of their welcome bonuses. In addition to the Indian online casino sites we recommend above, we also provide a more comprehensive list of casinos at Casino Bonus Love India, that also explains what different casino bonuses that are offered to Indian players and how to use them best. If you have no real cash to bet online, you can use a so called no deposit bonus. It’s the perfect way to try playing for real even if you have no money to bet.
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Bollybet Live Casino & Slot Games
Bollybet Live Casino & Slot Games

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Dafabet Live Dealer Casino
Dafabet Live Dealer Casino

Goa Live casino hosted in Telugu!
Andar Bahar with Hindi speaking dealers.