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How to win playing online casino slots

In this second and final part of this slot games strategy guide, we want to share with you tips and strategies for beating the casino in slot games. We will start by focusing on how to play slots with deposit bonuses, so if you want to make money from your deposit bonus, this will be an interesting read.

Can you make money and withdraw it using deposit bonuses? That’s what most gamblers ask. While most pundits say that it is impossible, we’re here to tell you that it’s something that has been done before. Unlike the health and fitness vloggers who hype their ineffective weight loss, and muscle gain methods, the slots strategies we share are reliable as long as you follow the steps to the letter.

The vloggers, who I’ve dubbed the bro-science fellows, have no backing for their methods, but for us, our strategies are mathematically proven. Below is a summary of what we are going to cover.


  • Win playing online slots
  • How to beat the casino
  • The deposit bonus strategy
  • How does it work?
  • What is the expected value?

Expected value of deposit bonuses

  • Playing slots with deposit bonus
  • The slow and steady betting strategy
  • The sophisticated betting strategy

Step 1: With starting balance:

Step 2: You won big

  • The Ruthless betting strategy
  • Beating the casino

When playing any casino game, including live dealer games, the object is to beat the house. Every gambler desires to beat the casino, and this is something that is depicted in several Hollywood and even Bollywood blockbusters, for example, The Great Gambler and Casino Royale. But for us, we won’t sit in the lobby for long hours, counting cards. We work smart, and the plan is always to be ahead of them. We will use the casino bonuses the casino offers and squeeze money out of these mean casinos.

Before we continue, it’s important to note that casino games volatility affects the outcomes. There are times I’ve taken the hit after several bad runs that left me almost INR 1,000,000 poorer before I was back to winning ways. That said, you should be prepared because nothing comes easy. Set aside a good amount before getting to this business and always remember the golden rule; don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose.

Deposit Bonus Strategy

From the many strategies we have presented, this is by far the best as it has a high chance of making money. Interestingly, the casinos know about it and will not entertain players who are privy to the strategy. It’s easy for the house to notice is and so, while there are high chances of making money, your account can also be banned, or your winnings frozen without any explanation.

Now, how do you get started with this strategy? And how does it work mathematically?

To execute this strategy, find an online casino with the highest deposit bonus. A 200% deposit bonus is the best, but anything from 50% is still fine. As for wagering requirements, the lower the number of playthroughs, the better. Find a casino with a maximum wagering requirement of 50 times maximum. Below are some of the best online casinos in India handpicked by India Gambling Guide for the best deposit bonuses and not so strict wagering requirements.

Examples of deposit bonuses available to Indian players:
150% UP TO ₹ 15,000
+ ₹700 FREEBET
175% UP TO ₹ 15,000 + 8 FREE SPINS + ₹700 FREEBET

Know the Expected Value

With this strategy, it’s not about the skills you have, how you play, or the games you choose. The secret lies in the deposit bonus – that’s what will give you an edge over the house. Now, what is the expected value?

As the name suggests, this is a formula that we’ll use to calculate the value of the bonus. This formula comes in handy when scouting for bonuses that will leave you with the best deal.

But is it true that your skills and how you play don’t matter? Well, the two matter, but to some extent. That is a story for another day; for now, here are the finer details about Expected Value.

Expected value of deposit bonuses

Now, how is the Expected Value derived? To calculate this value, you need three important variables; deposit, wagering requirements, and the commission (house edge) that the house charges. Like we said earlier, this is pure mathematics.

Expected Value (EV) = Initial deposit + bonus money - wagering requirements × commission

Now, to make sure you get the concept, here’s an example with one of the casinos.

Bonus offered - 100% deposit bonus up to INR 10,000
Wagering requirements - Play through 35 times
Commission - 4%

Now for our case, assume we have plenty to spend, so for the maximum onus, let’s deposit INR 10,000. Now, the total money in your account is INR 20,000. Now, to withdraw the winnings, you must wager INR 350,000. With the house’s edge at 4%, here are the calculations in detail;

(INR 10,000 + 10,000) – (INR 350,000 × 0.04) = INR 6,000

The Expected Value is INR 6,000. What this means is that you can earn INR 6,000 for every 100% deposit bonus.

Well, but that’s not all. You still need to be aware of something called volatility. In one of my past articles, I’ve shared deep insights into how slot machines work. In this article, I explained volatility as the primary ingredient for slots that feature wins in the short term.

Now, with our strategy, you are already ahead of the casino. While that is a favor for you, volatility will be in favor of the casino. What this means is that you will be losing in the short term, but in the long run, you will be the winner. An excellent depiction of this scenario is with the RTP (Return To Player) rate for average slot machine games. The average RTP is 96%, but short term, it could be a lot higher though typically it’s lower.

But this shouldn’t scare you as there are ways to counter volatility.

Playing Slots with Deposit Bonus

If you want to be a guru when it comes to playing online slot games with deposit bonuses, you came to the right place. We will learn a few things regarding betting choices. Remember, how you wager affects the outcomes.

Now, can you make money playing slot games with bonuses? Yes, and this is something I’ve personally done. I developed three strategies that proved to be very reliable; Slow and Steady, The Sophisticated, and lastly, The Ruthless.

These three strategies may be different but are all based on the same premises and principles. In this segment, we will look at the best slots to play, the volatility of the games, and lastly, the bet size and betting patterns.

1. Slow and Steady

There is a saying that goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ While this strategy is the most time consuming, it is rewarding in the end. This is because it has the lowest volatility and always guarantees cashouts.

Below are some of the slot machine games with the highest RTPs that we recommend for this strategy;

  • Mega Joker – 99%
  • Ooh Aah Dracula – 99%
  • Blood Suckers – 98%
  • Nemos Voyage – 99%
  • Starmania – 97.87%
  • 1429 Uncharted sea – 98.60%

If you happen to come by any of these high-RTP games, count yourself lucky. Most casinos realized the trick players were using, and the operators rarely make them available anymore. But before continuing, make sure to read the T&Cs and check out whether there are further restrictions or unfavorable wagering requirements.

Now, about volatility, here’s what you need to know. You want to make sure that volatility is at the lowest. In that respect, work with medium volatile slot games but make the stake bigger. Staking higher helps you reach the wagering requirements faster, and that means an early paycheck!

Now, when it comes to et sizes and betting patterns, I recommend playing with minimum stake, slowly, until you reach the wagering requirements. This is the worst bit of it all, as it requires a lot of patience. It could take you up to 12 hours, but why not if you are earning handsomely? As said earlier, you can get that early paycheck by staking higher.

2. The Sophisticated Betting Strategy

Well, it’s not that this strategy is sophisticated or complex. It’s just that it sounded cool to me and also the fact that it consists of two subtypes.

This strategy is volatile than the Slow and Steady Strategy. It is not for the faint-hearted. Expect to lose in three to four casinos, but once you hit the right spot, you win big enough to cover for the previous losing streaks.

With this strategy, there are two ways to execute.

Step 1: With starting balance:

In the first step, you play with your starting balance (the money you deposited). Here, the RTP doesn’t matter, but then, there are specific slots I recommend. These are;

  • Dead or Alive
  • Warlords
  • Thunderstruck 2
  • Twin Spin
  • Secrets of Atlantis
  • Montezuma
  • Pink Elephants
  • Bonanza
  • Raging Rhino
  • Lucky Angler

In terms of volatility, you will have to be careful. Always remember the rule of the thumb; the higher the volatility, the bigger the swings. For me, I prefer playing medium volatility in Thunderstruck 2, Twin Spin, and Secrets of Atlantis, but for the likes of Warlords, I don’t mind playing medium/high.

Now, what should be the size of your bet here? Definitely, t depends on the starting balance. Here’s a breakdown of how I played and won.

I had a total of INR40000, and from this, I would wager INR300 – INR 500 per spin. With INR 20,000 as the starting balance, I would drop a little to INR200- INR300 per spin. For INR 10,000, I would drop the stakes further to INR100 – INR200. The idea is to keep playing until you lose all the money. Trust me; you won’t lose it all, you will win big.

NB: Now, one problem here is that most of the games I recommend are not covered in the bonus money campaigns. Also, most casinos will not accept bets of INR 500 and above with bonus money. Confirm all these in the T&Cs section.

Step 2: You won big

This is somewhat a continuation if you won in step one. You definitely want more money, so the chase doesn’t end at winning in step 1. I recommend starting step 2 once you have three times your initial bonus. Now, here’s how I do it.

With INR10,000 in bonus as your start balance, I’d move to step 2 once I had accumulated INR30,000 or even more. When it comes to the slot machine, switch to a machine with the lowest volatility and highest RTP to be on the safe side. Here are some of the games I recommend for this strategy.

  • 1429 Uncharted sea
  • Aloha (looks highly volatile, but it isn’t)
  • Blood Suckers
  • Scrooge
  • Well of Wonders

Now, on to bet size, and the betting pattern, step 2 requires that you change to a minimum stake. But then, most casinos know this, so they will restrict switching from high stakes to low stakes after hitting the jackpot. Make sure to read the T&Cs here lest they forfeit your winnings. To beat the system, don’t change the stake as yet but do so after maybe 50 – 100 spins. Reduce the stake by around 60% so as not to cause any alarm on the side of the house. If you feel lucky, don’t reduce the stake, but that means high volatility and bigger swings, of course.

3. The Ruthless Betting Strategy

Also known as The Ruthless Slot Strategy, this is my best strategy and not because it rakes in more profits, it is fun and applicable to all slots. It’s also the strategy I use to try out new slot games every day.

For this strategy, choose any slot games – your favorite perhaps.

As for volatility, the preferred is medium to high but stick to medium as a beginner.

Regarding the size and patterns, I recommend the same as that we explained in the Sophisticated Strategy; INR300-400 for INR20,000. The difference here is that you don’t adjust the bet amount until you lose all the money or you hit the jackpot.

This strategy is ruthless indeed to the house and tags along with the highest volatility. It is also for the brave gamblers who can withstand a series of losses. While you may be losing in the short term, in the long run, you will win. I’ve lost up to INR 100,000 with this strategy, but in the long run, I recouped all my money.

Big winnings are what every player wants, just like I said at the beginning of this article. No one plays to lose. The higher the stakes, and the risk, the bigger the reward. While you might be chasing fortunes, remember to gamble responsibly. Never stake what you can’t afford to lose!

Responsible gambling is what I always advocate for; it’s not that I am discouraging you from trying any of the above strategies. For now, that’s all we had, so I wish you the best of lucks as you chase the paper!

As a reminder, most casinos don’t allow betting more than INR 500, so keep the wagers low to avoid account closure or forfeiting of your winnings.

Lastly, India Gambling Guide doesn’t guarantee 100% that everyone will make money using these strategies. There may be some other unforeseen dynamics.

Three strategies to play and win slots with bonus money

Do you want to make money playing slots using bonus money? In this article, find three proven strategies that will help you make money playing slots.

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